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About me

Hi, I'm Anastasia, aka MamaMiaUGC, UGC ​creator, Content Maker and Videographer, born ​in Ukraine, based in Warsaw, Poland.

I was inspired on producing video making by ​my wonderful family - husband Andrew (we both ​are 34 y.o) and two kids: son Daniil (9 y.o.) and ​daughter Mia (2 y.o.).

We work as a team, what makes us universal! We ​can present any niche with any focus required - ​female, male beauty & skin care, clothes, kids ​stuff, toys, presents, home decorations, ​household goods and supplements.

I love life!!!

And I've been always trying to save its every ​important moment in memory through the ​iPhone camera - traveling, family events, kids' ​first steps and growing up, holidays, ​vocations, shoppings, everyday life!

It gave me a chance to produce my own ​movie where I'm having the main role! Thus, ​UGC and Videography came in to my life and ​made it even more colorful and brighter!

Meet us

As a leader of our UGC family I come up with scripts ideas ​and concepts. It’s very hard sometimes to take my ​imagination and creativity under control, but thanks to it ​we can bring great value to any product and niche:

My husband Andrew



kids (toys,clothes etc)

skin care, hair care

body care


home decor


cleaning, washing, drying


photo/video accessories

auto accessories

food, drinks


family lifestyle

My daughter Mia

kids (toys, clothes, shoes)

My Son Daniil

UGC Videos

Shooting UGC videos I prefer to show life as it is, with no extra pathos, or commercial ​staging, I distinguish UGC shots from Product ones, but do both. There are no limits for ​Perfection, so I am willing to reach it someday!

Unboxing/Product Demo

Vizony FHD Projector

RF Light Facial Device ​AMIRO


Adore unboxing

BetaFPV Pro Kit

Adore unboxing

Amazon package ​unpacking

Costco Big Boxes ​Unpacking

iS Clinical Product Box ​Unpacking

Adore unboxing

Kids & Maternity

Potty Problem - ​Probiotics Help. Product ​Value

Father’s Day Present

Product Demo + ​Overview

Present for Daddy ​(Hook)

Custom Made Band with ​Kids Names (Hook)

Play and Learn. Fine ​Motor Skills Training

Two Awesome Pairs of ​Nike Kids Snickers for ​Mia - Demo

Wrist Band with Kids ​Names


Baby Tee “I Love Dad” ​Product Value

Mia is Trying on Her ​New Nike Kids

Kids Camera ​Demonstration


Lipsticks and Lips ​Serum


Skin Care Routine

Blue Lotus Moisturizer ​Product Demo+ Product ​Value

Sephora Lip Gloss Demo

Facial Masks Applying

AMIRO Facial Massager

Evening Facial Routine ​Accent on accepting my ​imperfection

Purple Keratin Mask ​Review

Biotin Collagen Product ​Demo+ Product Value

Fanola No Orange+No ​Yellow Shampoo ​Product Value

Keto Gummies Product ​Demo+ Product Value

Luxliss Keratin Shampoo ​& Oil Combination

Home / Household / Supplements

Wall Sticker Set

Product Demo

Eco Friendly Dish ​Washing Soap Kit

Water Flosser Demo

Flairosol OLIVIA Spray ​Bottle

Rehydration Electrolytes ​Recovery Tablets

Getting rid off sticker on ​a surface

Useful assistant for any ​housewife - Kitchen ​SandWatch

Bathroom Walls Sticker ​Set Decor

UGC Photos

Product Photography opened a new world for me, world full of magic made from simple ​things! Once, I saw through the macro lens how a drop of water combining with ​sunshine created a true mystery of colors, and it totally changed my life!

Usually, I

take photos while ​shooting videos,but ​due to the request I ​provide with Product

Photos separately.